Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fellow Blogger Mums!

I read this great article on the weekend Age magazine, Life, on why so many mums (and particularly new mums) are blogging. Thought it was a great one to share for any one who stumbles across Crouching Child or other parenting blogs.

It does have a bit of a strange argument that parenting blogs fall into two categories: aspirational and reality driven - think iced cupcakes, aprons and kids eating freshly chopped fruit versus sobbing mess in the kitchen with the toddler watching Teletubbies. I think there is maybe more of a spectrum rather than two options on this one.

Despite this, I think it is fantastic that some of the great mother blogs of Melbourne are getting a run in the mainstream media. More importantly, anything that highlights opportunities to share information between new parents can only be a good thing!

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