Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why Christmas is just like international travel...

I was thinking last night that the Christmas/New Year period for us has been just like the last time we went to the UK although thankfully without the 24 hour flight involved. There have been all sorts of late nights, lots of social events with hardly any kids, and heaps of parties where the only thing that appealed to Leo was bread, meat and Christmas cake (and biscuits and chips if they're available). This was also Leo's preferred menu when we were overseas with unfamiliar food.

So I've been back on my travelling tactics - in particular bringing lots of snacks and focusing on the healthy things you can get them to eat at other times.

My current favourite snacks that fit in a handbag are Bellamy's apple snacks (just dehydrated apple slices that are crunchy) and the apple flavoured wholegrain rice cakes that you can get in the baby section of Supermarkets. I read a book about kid nutrition recently that suggested that most kids love raw vegies (ha!) but if you are lucky enough to know one of these children remember to pack some brocolli and radishes for them.

As for healthy things that they'll eat other times, for us it is still avacado on grainy toast and porridge at breakfast time and when all else fails, bring out the bolognese!

I think the main thing that reminded me of travelling was just having to relax about everything that is out of your control - it's just more important to have fun during the festive season. I hope you had a good one!

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