Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chop and they will come

I always love reading about other people's small successes (or large ones for that matter) when it comes to kids eating' - the time that someone's little one non-chalantly ate a piece of brocolli after never touching anything green before or announced that chips make their tummy feel yucky and they would prefer some soup.

I had a success on the weekend with not just my boy but my husband too. After a junky dinner of fish and chips (we were at the beach to be fair), I suggested having some chopped up apple for dessert. Both husband and boy rejected the idea but I pushed ahead regardless thinking I could at least get some fibre into myself. However, no sooner was the apple chopped up and on the table than it was demolished and the boy requested some more.

This was a happy reminder that it is only my job to present healthy food and everyone else will decide what and how much they eat (of my dessert mind you). It also confirmed my belief that a chopped up apple is at least twice as appetising as one in the fruit bowl...

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