Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Butter beans are yummy, wait I meant yucky

I ran into a fellow Leo-mother the other day (there seem to be more little Leo’s in Brunswick than anywhere else) and she was telling me how her Leo had been in love with butter beans – she could serve them in any dish and he thought they were fantastic and particularly good for stabbing with a fork. However, in a matter of days he had turned from loving butter beans to hating butter beans – aaargh!

I’ve had the exactly same experience with risotto which once used to be the magical food in which all vegies could be hidden. However at some point this has turned around and now all risotto will be ignored. Admittedly, our Leo did have a run in with a very hot risotto one time which may explain our situation.

So I am left wondering – can a food come back into favour?

Having read a couple of books about feeding kids lately, I know the official answer would be that little ones should be offered foods repeatedly so they can become familiar with them. I haven’t actually seen this method work with Leo recently although he did try some carrot yesterday before spitting it back out.

I’d be very interested to know whether anyone has a success story!


  1. I like butter beans... You can always make it into a dip too. I say with kids... keep trying.

  2. My six-year-old son ate cous cous as a toddler, then refused to eat it for a couple of years. He ate it recently though at our home with a dinner for friends. Last week I served it up again, and he declared, "Oh good, I love cous cous!" Couldn't believe it! I have no idea why this happened, maybe a little bit of peer group pressure from eating with friends?

  3. hi elenor! i make "orange cheese pasta"for Bailey....its great and a one pot wonder!! i grate pumpkin, carrot and sweet potato into the boiling water along with spiral pasta! (spiral pasta works best cuz the veggies get stuck in all the pasta crevices!) then drain and add a little butter or marge and some grated cheese!so ver ver easy... and its a great feeling knowing ive won! :)