Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Reading food labels - fat, sugar, salt yum!

I've never been a great interpreter of food labels but I found this handy guide in a British book called Annabel Karmel's Complete Family Meal Planner which explains what they actually mean by low fat, low sugar and low salt. The recipes in this book were pretty lame (chicken rissoles shaped like teddy bears anyone??) but I think this will stick with me.

So looking at the per 100gm serving
low fat is 2gms or less
low sugar is 2gms or less
low sodium (salt) is .1gms or less

high fat is 20gms or more
high sugar is 10gms or more
high salt is .5gms or more

I thought I'd road test some things that Leo likes to eat to see how they stack up and it's an interesting result:

Sultana Bran Buds (aka cereal with tanis) - per 100gms
1.5 gms fat - tick
25.1 gms sugar - big cross eek
.13gms sodium -little tick

Cruskits - per 100gms
12.6gms fat - little cross
3.3gms sugar - little cross
.7gms sodium - cross

Mother Earth Baked Fruit Sticks - per 100gms
2.6gms fat - little tick
33.6gms sugar - big cross
.2gms sodium - little tick

Ok, I've got to hunt down some better snack foods...damn!

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